The Caretaker’s Son

The Caretaker’s Son: Skip Savage Remembers Old St. Paul

W. Jack Savage recalls memories of growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota in the fifties, sixties and seventies. This amounts to upwards of three-hundred paragraph length vignettes celebrating more than thirty years growing up and living in Minnesota’s capital city. From his childhood home in Highland Park, Savage’s extraordinary memory recalls candy dots on paper, Sputnik Gum cigar boxes, neighborhood theaters and going downtown on the streetcars and the buses. In the Caretaker’s Son…Skip Savage Remember’s Old St. Paul, we’re invited to remember the wonderful smells of the White Castle, Pioneer Sausage, the Caramel Corn place next to the Riviera Theater downtown and the burning of elm leaves all over the city. The neighborhoods reflect a city far different from neighboring Minneapolis and told through the eyes of someone who lived it, St. Paul has always been a special place and yet, never more so then growing up in the fifties and sixties. More than anything else, The Caretaker’s Son celebrates growing up with the kind of detail that is sure to bring back memories to anyone who survived it.