Of Darker Matter

Of Darker Matter explores the consequence of things and often the serendipity of life that seems to ignore our ill-advised flirtations with disaster, of crimes committed and justice meted out, of failed revenge and self-imposed punishments that in the end, makes us wonder if we ever got away with anything at all. These are stories about not really winning and not really losing, and life-changing experiences that seem to appear out of nowhere, of being stronger than we ever thought possible and yet not strong enough to face being celebrated for it. They are about having families and finally breaking free of them, and sometimes feeling the time is right only to realize it never could be. In this, his third short story collection, W. Jack Savage has assembled a sometimes- odd series of tales of chance meetings, war and its aftermath, crime and irony and a time to move on, all without judgement. Life is, in this telling, whatever it winds up being and there are no answers; and for all our hopes of finding definitive evidence of something that is controlling events… perhaps there is nothing.