High Sky of Winter’s Shadows

Assembled from college notebooks, journal entries and two other attempts at compiling all the scribblings of a lifetime into one book, High Sky of Winter’s Shadows is a non-sequential autobiography of thoughts, first hand accounts and remembrances by a writer who remembers everything. From growing up a rather spoiled only-child in St. Paul, Minnesota to running away in search of adventure and finding loneliness instead, this is that book in all of us. The one about how we really got from point A to point B. For W. Jack Savage, it is a journey of more than six decades that offers only snippets and snapshots of life to assemble the means to understand how in the world did we get here? How alleys shall always be more interesting than streets and little ghosts that by haunting our past, change how we viewed and endured our future.Told in short essays, High Sky of Winter’s Shadows poses as many new questions as it answers.